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 The role of a layer of tape on the transformer's empty skeleton
Most of the time, when we begin to go around the first line, the engineering data will ask us to first wrap a pre-packaged tape around the empty skeleton. Do you know what the pre-packaged tape is for Generally there will be a parting line on the skeleton, where there will be flash, if the flash is not completely removed during the production process of the skeleton, it will scratch the enameled film of the copper wire, causing adverse problems such as high pressure and ARC.
We know that the middle of the skeleton is where the CORE is inserted. Due to the existence of a mold line in the middle of the skeleton or extrusion in the subsequent production process, a small crack appears in the skeleton, and the copper wire is directly wound around the skeleton. The primary is bad to the core, because the secondary side is close to the core and it will cause the product to have high pressure.
Filling with a layer of tape reduces the parasitic capacitance of the primary side of the transformer. As a result, the leakage current of the transformer can be reduced. The leakage current of the transformer will increase the additional loss of the transformer, causing the transformer to heat up and the transmission power to drop.
Generally, the first line is the primary winding, with a large number of turns and often requires multiple layers of tight winding. The inner wall of the skeleton is plastic and very smooth. Adding a layer of tape can make the first route of the transformer more easily and tightly wound to prevent the generation of the stack line.

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