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Acetate Cloth Fabric insulating tape
Product name : Acetate Cloth Fabric insulating tape
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 Acetate cloth fabric insulating tape

     Our company was a insulating adhesive tape manufacturer named ChangShu LiangYi adhesive Tape Industry Co,.ltd. It was located in the center of Yangtze River delta, Changshu, SuZhou City, JiangSu Province, China.

     Our major product was: Polyester film insulation Mylar tape (PET insulation tape),polyester /nonwoven composite insulating margin tape ,rubber margin tape, foil tape, polyimide kapton tape ,etc. The company's products have UL certification of United States and incorporated into Japan's Sumitomo Insulation Systems, Korean Cosmolink Insulation Systems, and Taihu Insulation Systems. Company's products passed the ISO9001 quality system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, IATF16949 automotive industry chain quality system certification.

     The use of imported high-quality acetate fabric as the substrate, coated with acrylic flame retardant rubber manufacturing. Available in both black and white colors, it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, good anti-aging property, good insulation, flame retardance, high viscosity, and stable and reliable performance. The Acetate cloth substrate has strong moisture absorption and air permeability, good elasticity, easy washing and drying, no static electricity and hairball, and excellent anti-aging performance, which can reach more than 15 years. The acetate cloth tape made of acetic acid cloth substrate has high temperature resistance, anti-aging, soft, good formability, easy punching, easy to unwind, acid, alkali, anti-mildew and other characteristics, excellent insulation properties In the general glass fiber cloth and glass cloth, widely used in televisions, transformers, air conditioners, computers and other manufacturing areas.


1. Electronic transformer high temperature, high voltage insulation protection.

2. Battery corrosion protection, and strengthen the battery's long-lasting performance.

3. Electronic die cutting industry.

4. Electronic harness bundling and insulation leakage protection.



Backing Film

acetate cloth fabric


Acrylic adhesive



Temperature Rating

B(UL) 1050C

Peeling Strength

≥ 400 N/M





Withstand Voltage



1.Factory supplier: We are a factory professional in making adhesive .
Competitive price: Factory direct sales, professional production, quality assurance, 
Perfect service: Delivery in time, and any question will be replied in 24 hours

4.UL and SGS certification; sumitomo insulation system; cosmolink insulation system

Sample provide

1. We send sample at most 20mm width roll for free
2. Customer shall bear the freight charges 
3. Sample and freight charge just a show of your sincerity
4. It is workable to most of our clients Thanks for cooperation

Sample lead time

2 days

Order lead time

3 workdays




L/C, T/T


We could cut to any roll width according to the customer’s requirement. And we account the price by per square meter.

IF you have interesting of cooperation with us, we could send you some tape samples for testing use. And please give me the address to send the samples.

I am waiting for your reply.

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